There are two groups of people who are likely to benefit from using PC Matic. The first kind includes users with outdated computers. In case you still use Windows XP, this is a probable solution. The second kind includes users who like universal products. This antivirus also comes with optimizing tools. What does PC Matic cost? Let’s learn more about the pricing as well as software in the review below.

Highlights of the program

The program has several extra features. For instance, the package comes with AdBlock. It’s a well-known browser extension that hides ads and improves the browsing experience. What’s more, the program has a maintenance tool. It was developed to remove junk, update the software, clear the registry, fix some light glitches in other software, and optimize the device in general.

Since PC Matic works with every Windows version, the program is great for users with outdated systems. Far from all modern antivirus solutions offer this possibility. The company has also recently introduced the app for Android devices. Now a user may also use the program to protect smartphones and tablets that use this platform.

Top 3 peculiarities of malware protection

  • Unlike most options on the market, the company went the opposite way. Its protection is based on whitelisting. The technology presupposes the existence of the cloud database that collects all the harmless and legit files. Everything the engine doesn’t recognize is blocked. The research team has up to 24 hours to study the newly blocked file and either whitelist it or block it for good.
  • That leads to another peculiarity. When a user comes across an unknown file, the system blocks the file temporality. It’s better to check it again the following day to see whether it’s accessible.
  • Finally, PC Matic has the Fileless Script Block tool as an exclusive agent that was created to detect potentially harmful scripting activity. Furthermore, there is the RDP Control that protects your RDP ports.

While the approach is unusual and promising, a huge number of false positives makes it annoying at times.

Scanning options

Whitelisting is not the only unusual thing about this antivirus. Scans also differ from traditional ones. Firstly, the software delivers the fullest scan one can imagine. It implies much more than dealing with malware. The program performs disk defragmentation, fixes performance glitches, and removes malware.

The profound results reflect on performance, security, maintenance, and stability. The report has a color-corrected scheme. The successful tests are green; the skipped ones are grey. One can come across yellow, blue, purple colored tests along with the tips on ways to resolve the issue.

In case you don’t want this kind of test or don’t have enough time for it, the only way is to adjust the settings manually. Before scanning, a user needs to uncheck the boxes with options he doesn’t need.


There are two main plans to pick from. The first one is an annual subscription. It costs about $50 per year and covers up to 5 devices simultaneously. Another option is called the lifetime subscription. A user pays $150 and gets services for the rest of his life.

Bottom line

PC Matic is an interesting antivirus solution that surprises users with more than one thing. Its whitelisting technology and full scans promise to take good care of any Windows or Android-running device