HyperX Cloud Mix review

Many people are interested in video games and e-sports. For convenience, use a headset, you just need to choose it correctly. To do this, you must first find out what characteristics it has. In this article, we will talk about the functionality of gaming headsets on the example of HyperX Cloud Mix.

How to choose a qualitative game headset?

Because this accessory is a gaming accessory, the headsets do not just combine the characteristics that ex-athletes need – absolutely all their parameters are sharpened exclusively for gaming. Therefore, the effects of sound transmission, microphone properties, technical characteristics of the case, and even the length of the cable are not subject to the same rules as in classic computer headsets.

In the gaming headset, headphones and a microphone work to provide their owner with maximum comfort during the game. With good gaming headphones, you can watch movies and listen to music – the sound quality will be sufficient for normal everyday use. But here neither special depth of sounding, nor perfectly adjusted for musical ecstasy refined music lovers of the balance of low, high and average frequencies here it is not necessary to look for. But the slightest rustling, the sound of quiet footsteps, voices, the squeak of metal – these and other sound effects that the player focuses on in virtual reality, will be hyper-realistic, three-dimensional, and clear.

Choosing a professional gaming headset is a difficult and purely individual matter. To buy a thing, you need to consider your needs. There are budget headphones for games, expensive wireless devices, and representatives of the most numerous category – mid-priced options.

HyperX Cloud Mix review

The headphones of this model are made of high-quality materials and are suitable for working with a computer. Their design will appeal to even the most experienced aesthetes. LED lighting on the cups will emphasize the game atmosphere.

Main features of HyperX Cloud Mix include:

  • two modes of operation. The headset can work both wired and wireless via Bluetooth;
  • two camera speakers. The presence of two cameras that separate the frequency bands inside the speakers provide the highest quality effect. Thanks to the individual space for the midrange and high frequencies, they do not distort each other, but fall into the ears in the purest and most correct sound. It also helps to make the bass more pronounced, which creates the necessary depth and volume of the sound stage;
  • Hi-Res Audio certification. The highest sound quality in wired mode is confirmed by the Hi-Res Audio certificate. Deep bass from 10 Hz and incredibly high notes at 40,000 Hz will now become a reality and a real revelation for you;
  • long-term autonomy. In Bluetooth mode, the headset can operate for up to 20 hours on a single charge in medium volume mode;
  • The modern HyperX Cloud MIX headset is compatible with a large number of gaming and other devices. It works great as a headset connected via Bluetooth to your smartphone or laptop, or as a professional gaming headset, with a wired connection to a PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and other devices, including VR. Even in the most extreme connection options, special adapters will help you enjoy the extraordinary sound of the HyperX Cloud MIX headset, no matter which device you connect to;
  • microphone with noise cancellation and rotary mute. The flexible noise-absorbing microphone will provide a clean connection with friends, and you can turn it off by simply turning it up.