The history of AVG secure VPN is the outcome of different management decisions. Thus, this product appeared as the desire to expand in the digital security sector by antivirus developer AVG. The company presented a quite good protection service, and even a free version was a needed programming product on the market.

However, AVG was bought by Avast in 2016 but still spreads digital services under the old brand name. What is interesting, Avast also offers its VPN, so one can assume what targets and driving forces of AVG VPN as a secondary product of a subsidiary are. Even in such conditions, the product is still not the cheapest one having several drawbacks compared to competitors.


  • Protection level
  • Support
  • User experience
  • Trial periods

However, we’ll start with the advantages of this VPN service as it has plenty of them. Among the first are technical characteristics directly related to protection, and AVG saved their professional approach. AES-256 bit, OpenVPN, IPSec, and some other technologies are used for protocol tunneling and encryption, which is often compared to a military level of security. One more technical benefit is the compatibility of the service, as not all the VPNs provide reliable work on Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android devices.

Another side of the product, which is more related to users, also presents several significant advantages. Thus, the interface of the program is simple and will not bear many questions even if one is a newbie in the issues of VPN protection. The essential buttons and menu items are clear for understanding and applying, and that is a huge benefit when the talk is about the technical side of protection.

AVG provides 24/7 phone support, and it shows an attentive attitude towards their clients. Other standard procedures like 30-day money-back and 7-day free trial are also present and allow testing of the product with less sorrow. As the cost of packages and variants of AVG VPN varies on the number of devices, a need for simultaneous usage, and some other aspects, support is ready to help even before buying. The question “how much AVG VPN cost for my set of devices and needs” is a usual one, and you’ll receive a detailed answer.


  • Logs saving
  • A limited number of servers
  • Price

One of the primary disadvantages of the AVG VPN is log saving. It means that the company saves data about your connections and can use them. There is no difference if such information gets into the governmental structures or thieves; the main purpose of every VPN is hiding the info about the user. One often uses protection services in order to avoid various geo-restrictions or cover up data about like IP-address.

The next drawback is the technical capabilities that AVG suggests to its clients. Thus, only about 50 countries are used for servers’ locations, which is a low number compared to the market leaders with 100+ suggestions. Moreover, even some free VPNs suggest such indexes, and that is not good news to AVG VPN.

The final negative point is the price policy, with numbers about $6 per month for one device. Of course, one can suggest that AVG VPN is the product of secondary importance to Avast as the stakeholder, and so is often used to show that prices on VPN can be higher compared to Avast VPN. Nonetheless, there are many tariffs, and one can choose either longer terms or more devices, which will lead to the reduction of the final price. Still, even such aspects do not make the final fee the most pleasant on the VPN market.

As many customers already use AVG VPN and are satisfied with its functionality and quality, the conclusion is always up to you.